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Tomorrow’s Forests can assist with the supply and planting of high quality local trees as well as sundry products required for your woodland creation project.


Our professional and dedicated team will carry out all the necessary surveys of your property, produce detail designs and, with our skilled planters, will implement the new woodland creation to the highest standard and to meet your exact requirements.


We will provide help and advice throughout the process and ensure that specific government funding requirements are met.


Following the completion of your woodland creation project, we can offer ongoing maintenance, upkeep and professional advice.


There are many advantages to the planting of trees on less productive or unused land areas and farmers and landowners can now obtain a number of government grant and funding options to help with establishing new woodland areas.


Woodland creation projects can be undertaken on suitable land from 3 hectares up larger areas of over 10 hectares and can provide substantial environmental and financial benefits.


Woodland Creation benefits include:


  • Timber production


  • Increasing land value


  • Providing shelter for crops and livestock


  • Providing new wildlife habitats


  • Stabilising river banks


  • Game cover


  • Improving the amenity value





Countryside Stewardship – Woodland Creation

Funding is available to help create new woodland as part of Countryside Stewardship. Grants of up to £6,800 per hectare are available to assist with the planting of new woodland that helps to meet environmental objectives.

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Woodland Carbon Fund

Applicants can receive up to £6,800 per hectare to create new woodland or up to £8,500 per hectare if you provide permissive access across the woodland (dependent on its location).

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Woodland Creation Planning Grant

A Woodland Creation Planning Grant contributes towards the costs of gathering and analysing the information needed to ensure that proposals for productive multi-purpose woodland take account of any impacts on: biodiversity, landscape, water, the historic environment and local stakeholders.

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HS2 Woodland Fund

The HS2 Woodland Fund provides grant payments for restoring plantations on ancient woodland sites (PAWS) and/or creating new native woodland. Funding is available for a range of capital items, paying 100% of the associated standard cost, with a maintenance payment also available for woodland creation.

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We have outlined the available grant options below:


We will implement the new woodland creation to the highest standard and to meet your exact requirements.

To find out how Tomorrow’s Forests can help with your woodland creation project or to discuss the available grant options, please get in touch: 


Call - 01258 818003

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